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What is the awards ceremony?

Each team has an awards ceremony after each of their games. Players can have snacks provided by a parent. Parents can share fan mail with the players. Coaches will give a devotion and hand out awards to their players.

We believe in affirming and developing players. In this scenario, we believe it is important for a player to receive positive reinforcement from a coach in front of others. This does not necessarily mean each player will receive an award every week.

Where do I go for practices and games?

Use the court/field diagram to see where your child plays based on the practice and game schedules.

All events take place at the Baton Rouge campus of Istrouma Baptist Church. Baseball, Flag Football, and Softball will be played on the fields outside. Basketball and Volleyball will be played in the gym.

When are practices and games?

All dates can be found on our timeline. Practice times can be found on our practice schedule, which will be uploaded after teams are created. Game times can be found on our game schedule, which will be uploaded after practices begin.
Practice and game times differ between seasons. We won’t know what time practices begin until all teams have been created.

Where should I park?

Basketball, Volleyball: Front of the Bain Building along Daradele Avenue

Baseball, Softball, Flag Football: Parking lot on Janice Drive or the Worship Center parking lot

Do you sell concessions?

Yes, we sell concessions which include:
– bottled water & Powerade
– canned Coca Cola products
– candy
– bagged chips
– pickles
– nachos
– popcorn

Our outdoor concession stand is located in between the two baseball fields. Our indoor concession stand is located in the gym, next to the playground.

How do we know if an event is canceled due to weather?

We typically like to wait until the afternoon of practices or the morning of games to make a decision. Louisiana weather is unpredictable. We will always notify our parents if an event is canceled. If you haven’t seen a cancellation notice from us, that means we are still playing. No news is good news.

If we have to cancel due to weather, we will communicate to you in four ways:
1. We will send an email out to all parents if we cancel ahead of time or if we can get to a computer.
2. We will text our coaches and they will notify you.
3. We will update our website at the top of the league’s page.
4. We will post on our Facebook and Instagram stories. Follow us @istroumasports.


How do I register my child for a sports league?

Go to the webpage for your desired sport and scroll down until you find the “Register Now” link.

The link will be uploaded on the first day of registration. The link will be removed after the registration deadline.

What do I do if I’m having issues with registration?

Please email our administrative assistant, Ashleigh Callender, at

Do you have to be a member of Istrouma Baptist Church to play sports?

No, you don’t have to be a member of or attend Istrouma Baptist Church to play at Istrouma Sports. Everyone is invited to join.

Can I choose what night my child will practice?

On the registration form, you can select a night you don’t want your child to practice.

We also allow parents to submit a friend request, but we might not be able to fulfill both friend and practice requests.

Can my children practice on the same night?

We will place siblings of the same gender on the same practice night. Because we have a lower number of girls teams, we might not be able to place girls on the same practice nights as their brothers. Please indicate siblings on the registration form.

Can my child play on a team with his/her friends?

You can include friend requests on the registration form. We are obligated to only fulfill one mutual friend request, meaning both players must request each other. Players must be in the same age division. We can’t accommodate multiple friend requests for every player.

We also allow parents to request a practice preference, but we might not be able to fulfill both a friend and practice request.

Why is there a price difference in registration fees?

We pay officials to cover games in 11u and 14u divisions. We rely on volunteer officials for 9u games.

Our girls divisions don’t always have as many players as the boys divisions. We might have to form developmental teams within some girls divisions.

What is the waitlist?

After regular registration is over, we will evaluate how many roster spots are available in each age division. The “Register Now” link will be replaced by the “Join Waitlist” link. The waitlist is based on first come, first served. We will email the registration link to upcoming parents.

Can I get a refund?

We will refund your registration fee minus $10 if you cancel before uniforms are ordered.
We will refund half of your registration fee if you cancel after uniforms are ordered.
We will not refund if you cancel after the first game.

Uniforms are ordered about two weeks after our registration period ends.


What is the process for creating teams?

We begin creating teams after evaluations. Our goal is to create teams as evenly skilled as possible, while accommodating requests. We start with the 14u division and move down to younger divisions once that’s completed. We first assign coaches and their children to teams, and then add their friend requests. We will assign practice nights based on coaches’ preferences, if applicable. We distribute the rest of the players using scores from evaluations and practice requests. For the younger divisions, we make sure that siblings are placed on teams that practice on the same night. We will then try to place players that attend the same school or church if it doesn’t compromise the overall skill equality.

How do I know what team my child is placed on?

We will email rosters to each team once they’ve been created. A coach is supposed to contact parents afterwards.

Do I need to buy any equipment for my child?

We provide bats and helmets for teams to share. Players are welcome to bring their own bats and helmets. Players will need their own cleats and gloves.

Players don’t need to purchase any additional equipment.

Flag Football:
Players will order a flag belt and mouthpiece along with uniforms. Players in 11U & 14U can purchase their own playbook wristband.

Players will need their own knee pads.

What do I do if my child’s uniform doesn’t fit?

Email our administrative assistant, Ashleigh Callender, at as soon as possible. Because this process takes some time, we will need to order a new uniform immediately.

How do you communicate with parents?

We will send weekly emails to parents using the addresses from the registration form. Please make sure your emails are accurate. We will stop sending emails to parents after the first few games.

We will send weekly emails to coaches. We ask our coaches to use this information to also communicate to you.

We will update our website weekly with pertinent information for parents.

How and when do I get my child’s uniform?

We will deliver team uniforms to each coach at practice before games begin. Coaches are responsible for getting them to parents.

What do I do if I haven’t heard from my coach?

If you haven’t been contacted after teams are created, either your head coach hasn’t done so yet or your team doesn’t have a head coach. Regardless, you can still find all of the necessary information on our website.

Will I be able to purchase my child’s team picture?

We will have a photographer taking team pictures on the courts or fields. We will share instructions on how to purchase these pictures during the season.


How long is each season?

The lengths of seasons might differ between leagues. Typically, one season will last 9 or 10 weeks. Teams will play 8 games.

What is Season Celebration?

Season Celebration is the last chance for teams to enjoy their season together. This takes place after each team’s final game. Teams will participate in one final awards ceremony. We will provide food and water as well as a gift for each player.

What are evaluations?

Evaluations are not the same as tryouts. Every registrant will be placed on a team. Evaluations are a time for parents and players to meet Istrouma Sports staff and coaches. Players will go through different skill stations, which will then help us create equally skilled teams. Players will also get sized for uniforms.

What is Redemption Week?

Redemption Week is a time towards the end of our season where coaches intentionally present the gospel during team practice. Players 8 years and older will have the opportunity to express their interest in salvation and/or baptism if they desire.


How can I volunteer?

You can choose one of the following options on the registration form: coaching, officiating, keeping score, and selling concessions. If you’re interested in coaching, please submit an application by visiting

What is the process for vetting coaches?

All of our coaches are volunteers. We make a commitment to our parents that their children will be safe and coached by approved volunteers. We have a four-step vetting process for coaches. Coaches must submit an application and then watch a development video. Coaches must have a recent background check on file. We will discuss the application and video with coaches once the first three steps are completed.

Am I able to coach my child?

Yes, all coaches will be assigned to the same team as their children. If you have multiple children playing, you can choose which child you’d like to coach.

What are the responsibilities of a head coach?

Head coaches are to develop their players in skill, communicate with parents, preach the gospel through sport, and lead the postgame ceremony by handing out awards and sharing a devotion.