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– updated 6-27 –

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This exercise class was an answer to prayer. I was looking for a good class for “over 50” exercises that would help me get back in shape and work on balance and posture without injury to my back. The class is such a blessing since we have a great caring trainer who provides a variety of exercise methods to keep exercise fresh and a great bunch of exercise warriors who encourage one another.

In the past I have tried exercise at home, gym membership, personal trainers off and on. Until this school year and Women’s Fitness, I have never stuck with exercise. I have consistently attended the 4 mornings a week that were offered. I have greatly improved my strength, balance and overall fitness at an age where it would be very easy to go the other direction. I have seen the results of this in better sleep, stamina, ability to heft around the grandbabies and on several occasions the balance has literally saved me from serious injury. All of this while the instructor and the class members were patient and understanding with physical limitations I have because of knee injuries. It has been comforting to have the encouragement of the instructor and classmates in both our physical training and personal lives. We have grown into a small group over the course of the year and know it is a safe place to ask for prayer and share little bits of what may be going on for us. The relationships are something that would never happen in another exercise setting. We are welcoming to new people, inviting new people and concerned about everyone who is a part of the classes. I am super thankful for Women’s Fitness at Istrouma Sports.

I really enjoy this class for several reasons. First off, I was actually praying about finding new people to work out with and this class fit that prayer perfectly. Our teacher, Ainsley, is excellent. She keeps the workout interesting while helping us strengthen our muscles, improve our cardio, work on our balance and get a thorough workout. I really appreciate that she listens to our needs as far as what we need to work on physically and that she is encouraging even when we are at the end of our class time and starting to really feel the workout. She helps us get that second wind. Having been in other classes where the teachers were not actually educated in the field of fitness training, I sincerely appreciate that she knows what she’s doing. Spiritually, I enjoy that we feel comfortable asking for prayer from those in our class, but I also appreciate that you don’t have to share all of the time. I believe our prayer times are from the heart and that is much better than just a canned prayer in my opinion. I highly recommend her class to everyone!

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