Boys Basketball

– updated 9/16 –
Registration will open September 21.

View the tentative timeline for all dates in the season.
We hope to have an updated timeline after November 8.


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Our youth sports leagues provide kids with equal playing time and the chance to play every position at a younger age.
Teams are intended to be created as fair and competitive as possible.
Teams will be created after evaluations.
Teams will have an awards ceremony after each game.
Players can request to play with a friend on registration. We are only obligated to fulfill one mutual friend request if in the same division.
All coaches and officials are volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering this season, please click here.

Boys, ages 4-14
Tentative divisions: 5U, 7U, 9U, 11U, 14U
Divisions depend on how many players are registered at each age.
Season includes 8 games, 9 practices, and 1 clinic.
Saturday games could start between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
All teams, except 5U, will practice once a week on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.
5U teams will practice and play on game days.
Practices might start at 5:45, 6:45, and 7:45.
Younger teams will practice earlier.
Registration fee includes uniform.

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are unsure exactly what the season will look like right now. Depending on the number of players registered, some things may change.
We may have some practices or 5U games on Friday.
We may have practices and games at another gym.
We may have games on Sunday or some midweek nights.
We may extend the season.

4-9 Years Old

$90: September 21 – October 31
$100: November 1-8
$125: after November 8 (registrants may be waitlisted depending on division availability)
Fee includes uniform
Visit our website weekly; we will update it throughout the season.
[ CLICK HERE ] if you would like to coach.

10-14 Years Old

$110: September 21 – October 31
$120: November 1-8
$150: after November 8 (registrants may be waitlisted depending on division availability)
Fee includes uniform and referee payment
Visit our website weekly; we will update it throughout the season.
[ CLICK HERE ] if you would like to coach.

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At ISO, I have always felt like I belonged there. Every time I sign up for anything, it gives me something that I love to do on a weekly basis. I have been at ISO football for six years and I have loved it ever since my first day. I would suggest this facility to anyone who wants to learn the game of their choice. ISO has a variety of sports and it keeps me coming back year after year. Mr. Woodruff, the head of ISO, is always willing to help and talk and he runs a good Christian-based organization. In conclusion, I would suggest this church/sports organization to anyone who wants a God-based sports organization.

The Istrouma sports program is such a blessing to our family. With five children we have experienced several sports organizations in our community and none compare to Istrouma in the benefits our children receive. The intentionality behind the ideals and goals of the program are so honorable and inspirational. The staff and coaches and overall environment of the program are unlike any we have experienced. There is a positive, encouraging, grace filled attitude that trickles down from the top staff all the way to the parents. Having a weekly character trait, prayers before games and singing our nation’s anthem all are just icing on the cake to the way the coaches treat the players. All of these things add up to a top notch program that sets an example for this generation that is much needed in our world of how to play sports, try your hardest and have fun, all for the glory of God. Thank you Istrouma!

We’ve had the privilege of partnering with ISO since 2010.  Its Christ-exalting, family-centered approach has led my kids to understand the value of competing with others on the field, while learning discipline, structure, and steadfastness.  We’ve had 7 kids playing in various sports over the years, and ISO has always prioritized siblings practicing on the same night, which is such a help to us.  I’ve head-coached in the ministry since 2011, and I’m able to unashamedly and very intentionally disciple and lead the kids to by connecting sports principles on the field with biblical values.  Thank you ISO for your dedication to honoring God and providing a healthy competitive environment.

My family and I have been part of ISO for many years. It’s been amazing to see the lives that God has touched through this sports ministry. The experience has been great and I love coaching! As a coach, there are so many blessings that come with developing players’ gifts, talents and character while also teaching them life lessons and biblical principles. I treasure the friendships that I have made through ISO and I’m excited to see how God will continue to use this sports ministry to transform people’s lives and our great city.

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