Boys Basketball

– updated 10/18 –
Please view our timeline and read all information before registering.


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• Our youth sports leagues provide kids with equal playing time and the chance to play every position at a younger age.
• Our leagues are welcoming to players of all skill levels. Inexperienced players will be comfortable and have plenty of opportunities to learn in a lower-pressure setting. Experienced players will be challenged and continue to grow.
• Teams are intended to be created as fair and competitive as possible.
• Teams will be created after late registration is completed.
• Teams will have an awards ceremony after each game.
• Players can request to play with a friend if this is a mutual request and if they are in the same division.
• Parents can list a practice conflict, but we might not be able to fulfill both a friend request and practice conflict.
• We try our best to place siblings on the same practice night. Because there is a lower number of girls teams, we might not be able to place boys on the same practice night as their sisters.
• All coaches are volunteers. Referees for Boys 7U and 9U are volunteers. Indicate on your child’s registration and click one of the links below if you are interested in volunteering this season.

• Basketball is for boys 4-14 years old.
• Divisions are based on age by September 30, which is the date EBR School System uses to determine grades.
• Divisions depend on how many players are registered at each age.
• Divisions have a limited capacity for registration.
• Season includes 8 games, 10 practices, and 1 clinic as of now.
• All teams, except our youngest division, will practice once a week on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.
• The youngest division, potentially 5U, will attend the Saturday practice. These teams could practice and play on Thursdays.
• Practices might start at 5:45, 6:45, and 7:45. Younger teams will practice earlier.
• Saturday games could start between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.
• Registration fee includes uniform for all divisions and referee payment for older divisions.


5U Registration

4-5 years old on September 30

7U Registration

6-7 years old on September 30

9U Registration

8-9 years old on September 30

11U Registration

10-11 years old on September 30

14U Registration

12-14 years old on September 30

skills and drills

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